A Game a Day: Day 7

On Day 7, I felt indeed burned out. I felt my sleep deprivation interfere with my work and interactions with people. I was easily irritable and kept fascinating about sleep. The night prior, I went to bed around 4am working on my game and blog post. Yeah, making a game a day is without a doubt unhealthy. As I mentioned in my last posts, sleep deprivation can make anyone experience depression, especially those that have clinical depression to begin with. Oddly enough, the fact that I made it a week filled my mind with so much optimism. I was fueling myself and going well beyond my known limits. With a full day’s shift and a somewhat ambitious idea swimming in my head, I didn’t get to finish a complete game. Instead what I submitted online was an untitled proof of concept.

For now, I’m calling it Rough-Platform-Spawning-Demo. Yeah, I’m creative.

I only called it that because I knew more and more into the night that I was going to have to complete it later. I really loved the mechanics I created. The game is a multiplayer platformer racer. The goal is to collect the most trophies as possible within one minute.  Each character can spawn up to three platforms beneath their feet. If you touch the Repeat item, you can get three more chances to build platforms. I think there’s a lot of room for interesting situations. I did the “Miyamoto thing” that I’ve read about, and just jumped around the most bare bones version of the game, making sure it felt fun before being governed by the game’s rules. I did that for about an hour and my mind was racing with dozens of ideas. I wanted to explore them all and for the first time, I felt stuck because I couldn’t decide. It was a good problem to have. Each idea could be it’s own game for the A Game a Day blog post. So, I decided to make a multiplayer racer. So far, it’s a bit fun, but may not make a lot of sense without reading my description in the game’s page. I didn’t teach the player through the game itself, and I blame that on my lack of time. I did manage to technically make a game, one with potential for growth. Additionally, due to my shortage of time, I reused music and sounds from my previous game Piñatas. When I develop this into something more enjoyable, I’ll add it’s own original music and sound. Thanks for reading and playing the game. Let me know what you think of the demo so far. Think it can spawn something cool and original?

I look forward to tomorrow’s game!

Total time spent developing: 5 hours

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