A Game a Day: Day 8

Day 8:

I didn’t get enough rest, but I devoted the day to trying to take it easy. I was up late until 4am working on last night’s project, then stayed up to watch some live New Japan Pro Wrestling. I went to the dentist, spent some time with family, and then watched one of my biggest idols, CM Punk, fight his heart out. Unfortunately, Punk didn’t come up on top, but he walked out with his head held high in his hometown. I’ve always related to Punk. He is chasing a wild dream and has all the odds against him, but he still gives it his all. With this A Game a Day project, I feel that all the odds are against me, and that at any moment I’m going to crash, but I’m still working till I pass out. Despite the events today, I made sure to set a few hours to work on something. So what did I make?

Last night, I made an interesting platformer multiplayer game that gave me a lot of ideas. One of the ideas is what I pursued today. It is also untitled, but I called it Color-Platform-Spawning-Demo. In this demo, things will seem familiar. I used the same exact sprites, layout size, sounds, music, and even main mechanic, but I changed the rules of the game. Instead of competitively collecting trophies, you’re now trying to color the map more than your opponent. Any where you jump to will turn to your color. The same goes for your opponent. This idea is actually inspired by a game I made last year for Indiecade, called Colors Crossed. Colors Crossed was a driving game, where as this new demo is a platformer. I tried this idea out, posted it with hopes of attaining feedback. Tomorrow, I’d like to try a lot of ideas with the original mechanic, which was creating platforms beneath your feet with the touch of a button. There’s something special here. I can feel it. I played yesterday’s demo with my sister and cousin and saw them highly enjoying it. Seeing that reaction with something I made is all I need to keep going. Thanks a lot for reading. See ya tomorrow with another game.

Total time spent developing: 3 hours.

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