A Game a Day: Day 6

Day 6!!! I’m feeling the momentum. I’m actually behind schedule on submitting this. Funny story. I almost didn’t make a game. No, I wasn’t ready to quit. Last night, something weird happen after I was readying to go to bed way later than I should. I laid down, and then felt a lot of heat. I opened my eyes and saw a tiny fire about 3 inches wide on my bed. Yep! My computer’s charge cable was damaged and sparked a small flame. I slapped my bed twice and the fire was no more. I disconnected the cable and saw it sparking rapidly while in my hands. Scary stuff! Imagine if I fell asleep earlier. It looks like staying up late and working on a game was meant to be.

I was having trouble charging my computer recently, so I went ahead and ordered a new charge cable that arrived tonight. However, since my computer is old and needs to always be plugged in, and since I feared I’d make something catch on fire, I decided to not take my computer to work. So, because of this and some of life’s curve balls, I was running behind schedule on making a game. However, it’s 3:30am and I submitted something. What did I submit?

I made a game that’s lazily called Race to Space.

Race to Space is exactly what you think it is. Two players are trying to blast their rocket furthest into space by button mashing. The person that button mashes most in a matter of ten seconds wins. I spent some time challenging myself with a basic animation that occurs at the end, creating the feeling of movement without actually moving the sprites and by toying with simple sound and fade effects. Additionally, I challenged myself by making this game in a really short time. I started working on this at 11pm, so I’d say I did ok with it. I’m excited for the weekend where I’ll have more time to pursue a more deeper game I hope. Thanks for reading and checking out the game. See ya tomorrow with the 7th game.

Total time spent developing: 4.5 hours.

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