Mimicry is Live on Steam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mimicry is officially live on Steam!!!

It’s on sale for a week at $4.50

You can purchase it here!

I hope some of you get to try it out and enjoy it.

My first full game is officially out!

Use a gamepad preferably.

Thanks to everyone that got me here.

Update: To backout in the home menus, press “Backspace” on PC or “Delete” on MAC. Gamepad controllers is my preferred way to play

Looking Back a Year & Looking Into the Future

One year ago today I presented after work in front of my company. I was a tester professionally then, had been clawing for years to get into design, and I was given a chance to talk in front of others about game design. I second guessed myself from the moment I was asked to talk, and all the way until after I was done. I represented myself, and not my company. I had a lot to prove. I invited everyone I knew, and I prepared for a month. I still remember HR offering me parking validation several times because they didn’t know I worked there. I wanted to show that I was indeed a game designer.

I felt disappointed after it was over because I thought I bombed, but then people started reaching out. I started getting a lot of texts, slack messages, facebook, instagram, phone calls, and even desk visits from higher ups saying they were impressed. The day after, I was told that a game design position was waiting for me.

A few months after, it became real. I’m on a fun team now, and on my spare time outside of work I make little projects. I’ve made them for years now. One project I made in a single day back in 2018 is something I started expanding. It’s now a 100 level puzzle-platformer, and as of today, one year after that life-changing presentation, I’m happy to say it’s complete. There’s still testing to be done, and some minor polish, but it’s finished. I can’t wait to show you my first ever full game, Mimicry.

Thanks to those who’ve known how hard my struggle has been and stuck around. I know that in these scary times, maybe stories like mine don’t really have any weight, but I felt like sharing. I’m excited and I hope people like this project. Thanks for reading.


When I was a little boy, I knew I wanted to be a game designer more than anything. I lost count of how many times I failed, had educators put me down, and had friends say I’m delusional. I spent most of my adult life not accepting to move on to “something else.” I was starting to think that there was something wrong with me. I felt like a loser and fell rock bottom a few times. I felt like I had nothing left at one point, but I never quit.

I worked damn hard.

Two weeks ago,  I released my first mobile game (Hot Dog Classic), and just last week something amazing happened. I started my very first day as a professional game designer.


It took me so long to reach this point, but it happened. One of my main goals is now accomplished, but this is only the beginning. I’ve got massive plans for myself. To everyone that’s been supportive, thank you. Thank you so much.

I wanted to share how things led to this. I squeezed myself into a presentation that I wasn’t advertised for, put my heart into it, prepped for a month, invited everyone I knew, and treated it like a massive job interview. Some important people were there who approached me after for days. I was then told that I was first in line for a new game design position. I spent the next three months working 11 hours days to study multiple tools, stayed hungry, and waited.

Don’t give up. Ever.

Photo taken with Focos