Distract Her, free to play on itch.io

Hi everyone!
I’m really nervous about sharing this since I’ve worked tirelessly on this for the last week with my friend Tanal.

“Distract Her” is a short narrative game that is based on true events.

You play as a father, trying to distract your daughter from the painful reality outside of your own walls.

This game was inspired by a real life father that would purchase toys for his daughters, in attempt to keep them focused away from the destruction surrounding their homeland. He had a Youtube channel where he posted a video doing just this. Unfortunately, he was killed by airstrikes only days after posting the video. The date used within our game is the same date the video was posted.

Distract Her is only played with a Mouse’s left click button. ANYONE can play this, even if you’ve never ever touched a videogame before.

We participated in the Free Palestine Game Jam, since the humanitarian issue is something we feel deeply passionate about.

Please try it out at the link below and let me know your thoughts.



Mimicry Launches on Steam on 9/4!!!

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I mentioned I had some news to share.
I’m really excited!
After months of hard work, developing the moment I clocked out of my job, getting about 3-4 hours of daily sleep, and teaching myself to have an ocean of patience, I’m happy to announce that my first full game, Mimicry will be launching on Steam on September 4th!!!
Mimicry is a 100 level minimalist puzzle-platform game where you control 2 characters at the same time that move in opposite directions.
This will be my first full game, and my first ever steam release. All my free games online, and even my mobile release of Hot Dog Classic are pretty much mini-games. This time, I wanted to make something that could keep a player challenged and invested for hours. After a ton of tweaking, I think I hit a solid feel for the game.

So I have a favor to ask from all of you.

Please “wishlist” Mimicry to be alerted about its release. Then purchase it on 9/4. It’ll only be 5 bucks, and on day 1 will be at a discount.

As a latinx game designer from South LA, that has dreamed of making games since I was 8, I can’t express enough how important this is to me. So, sharing this with anyone you know would be massively appreciated. I apologize in advance, because I’ll be promoting the game quite a bit.
The link below will take you to the game store page where you can learn a bit more about it, see the trailer, and wishlist the game.


Thanks everyone!