Starting the Next Chapter in my Life

I worked at Age of Learning for nearly 6 years and made the decision to pursue a new opportunity. With a day having passed, I’m reflecting a lot. It’s a strange feeling to let go of something I have invested a large portion of my life to. I have a million memories, but my favorites include some truly amazing people. I’ve met some of my best friends there. I got to check off boxes for a lot of life goals, put myself in the most anxiety-provoking situations, and grew so much. I’m realizing this just now.

I started in 2016, didn’t make many friends at first, had lunch alone for months, and set a goal to be a game designer there. The goal consisted of a 6 month plan and lots of unread sent emails. Those 6 months turned into 3.5 years, but it happened.

In that time, I lost count of how many moments I felt like quitting on my dream. I didn’t and I’m glad I trusted myself.

I went from playing video games, to selling video games, to testing them, to finally help make them.

In 2 days I start a new adventure making more games.

I have a lot of big plans, and I intend to do my very best in order to achieve them.

If I could speak to my 8 year old self after I read that one particular issue of NintendoPower, I’d say, “You read that right! Game designers are a real job and you CAN be one, so don’t listen to the teachers and friends you’ll have that will call you crazy. Not all of course, but the ones that do are going to make you feel delusional for failing as much as you will. And yes, you WILL fail soooo much. It’s gonna be like a Guinness Book of World Records level of failing. Some moments you’re going to embarrass yourself so much, that you become convinced you’re meant to be what society expects of you and not what you dreamed to be. You’ll want to quit in life, but listen….never ever ever ever ever ever ever quit. You will struggle and be horrible in some people’s views, but everytime, push. Push hard until it happens. You will nervously speak and give off rough first impressions. It’s ok! You’re going to seem pretentious, weird, awkward, creepy, maybe scary, and you’re going to feel so alone. It’s all okay, because this dream is going to happen. And you won’t be alone forever. Wait till you meet a crazy cast of people at a place called Age of Learning. Good luck kid. Oh, also watch out for a gothic girl that plays with voodoo dolls in middle school. she might curse you to have bad luck. You’ll know when you see her! Later, Brown Miyamoto!” 


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