GMTK 2020 GameJam Results are in!

About 2 weeks ago my friend Kay and I took part in the GameMaker’s Toolkit 2020 gamejam. We only had 48 hours to make a game based on the theme “Out of Control.” We ended up making a unique little game about something I have a lot of experience with; being unable to control 4 chihuahuas at once.

While the game is unfinished in many ways, it was playable and a cool proof of concept. We weren’t allowed to edit it until the rating period was over, where anyone was able to play and review submitted games.

They announced the rankings.

Out of 5430 games, we ranked #548. 😂

While that number may not seem too high, it means we ranked higher than 5000 games and got in the top 10% roughly. Overall, I’m happy with that. I hope to edit the game very soon and make it a much more finished small game. Thanks Kay!


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