Looking Back a Year & Looking Into the Future

One year ago today I presented after work in front of my company. I was a tester professionally then, had been clawing for years to get into design, and I was given a chance to talk in front of others about game design. I second guessed myself from the moment I was asked to talk, and all the way until after I was done. I represented myself, and not my company. I had a lot to prove. I invited everyone I knew, and I prepared for a month. I still remember HR offering me parking validation several times because they didn’t know I worked there. I wanted to show that I was indeed a game designer.

I felt disappointed after it was over because I thought I bombed, but then people started reaching out. I started getting a lot of texts, slack messages, facebook, instagram, phone calls, and even desk visits from higher ups saying they were impressed. The day after, I was told that a game design position was waiting for me.

A few months after, it became real. I’m on a fun team now, and on my spare time outside of work I make little projects. I’ve made them for years now. One project I made in a single day back in 2018 is something I started expanding. It’s now a 100 level puzzle-platformer, and as of today, one year after that life-changing presentation, I’m happy to say it’s complete. There’s still testing to be done, and some minor polish, but it’s finished. I can’t wait to show you my first ever full game, Mimicry.

Thanks to those who’ve known how hard my struggle has been and stuck around. I know that in these scary times, maybe stories like mine don’t really have any weight, but I felt like sharing. I’m excited and I hope people like this project. Thanks for reading.

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