October Games

October is here! Things will be getting spooky starting now!

So what’s on the October list for Anxiety Monster? Well, I often think up video game ideas while I eat at a ramen restaurant. Not sure why. Maybe because I tend to treat myself, giving me alone time and a chance to be creative. Maybe it’s because ramen is a comfort food. Whatever the case, eating ramen works like magic for me. Since ramen tends to bring out the inner mad scientist in me, I decided to make a game about the delicious noodle dish. And since it’s Halloween season, it’s gonna be spooky. Look out for Noodle Nightmare Tonight! 🙂

That’s not all. I also will continue development of my multiplayer hotdog eating challenge game, HotDog Classic. I hear you though! Another game about food? How are hotdogs spooky? Are you that hungry? Ramen and hotdogs are way too different, what’s wrong with you? Hotdog Classic actually will feature a few monsters as playable characters. In my demo reel, you can see a certain familiar character make an appearance.

Aside from these two, I’ll be hard at work learning Japanese, working full time, focusing on my health, and hiking with my puppies. I can’t wait to finish these two games this month. Additionally, I expect to add some levels for Glider, perhaps art as well. I’ll also be doing some small demos for new ideas. Perhaps I’ll share those as well. And lastly, I’ll add a few new game design documents, game design breakdowns, and analysis docs, so look out for that.

Thanks for reading,


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