Glider (Working Title) demo is online!

Working a full time schedule, attempting to have a social life, play with two puppies at home, study Japanese, and try to get a game design job are really hard to juggle. Now add making a game in the spare minutes you have left. Most of my designing time gets done on a notebook sheet of paper at my local coffee shop or ramen restaurant. Luckily, I managed to devote two days to developing this short game. It needs a ton of work and art, but it has potential. I have a million ideas for the gliding mechanic, and I can’t wait to implement some. For now, I figured I’d share what I’ve got. It’s a very very early version, but I think the demo is solid enough to give players an idea of what to expect. I’ve had about 8 users test it to a majority positive response. I hope you all try it out and please let me know your thoughts on it so far.



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