A Game a Day: Day 23

Day 23

Today I didn’t complete a digital game, but I wrote a brief document for a short and sweet multiplayer racer. The game is a reversed version of my color-based racing game, Colors Crossed. Two players compete as trucks (sprites taken from Colors Crossed) trying to clean up a larger portion of the map than their opponent. Simply drive to erase the top layer of the map, revealing an Anxiety Monster logo underneath. Unlike in Colors Crossed, where you can see your score reflected throughout the entire game, in this game concept the players won’t see their score until the end. So both players will race to clean most of the map, and find out who won after the map is completely cleaned. It’s a simple idea.

I didn’t find enough available time to complete this project, so I hope I can tackle it tomorrow. I made sure to once again prioritize my health and happiness. I walked my dogs at the park, bought more veggies, made two days worth of green juice, cooked for my family (camarones al mojo de ajo), then hit the gym where I broke my cardio record. I managed to burn off 1210 calories in an hour. I’m feeling drained right now and about to hit the bed. So, goodnight and thank you for reading.

Check back tomorrow where I’ll try to tackle this concept.

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