A Game a Day: Day 22

Day 22

I did not participate in A Game a Day today. I was short on time, and devoted the entirety of today to trying to feel happy and healthy. I worked out, had green juice, drove my sister and my puppies to a dog beach in Long Beach, hung out with my buddy (and Anxiety Monster artist) Jason, spent a few hours as a screenwriting teacher for my cousin Raymond (another super talented artist), and topped the night by running for over an hour at the gym. I’m drained and feeling pretty good.

Remember, health comes first.

This blog isn’t just about making a game a day, but it’s about raising awareness for mental health. I’m doing my best to try to make a game daily, but I’m trying harder to defeat anxiety and depression. That’s the priority.

Again, thanks for reading. I hope tomorrow I have the time to create a game.

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