A Game a Day: Day 4

Day 4…damn. So far the hardest day has been today. I’m starting to really feel the difficulty level of doing something like this. I started working on this last night, went to bed around 2am because I passed out on my computer. I drove my hour commute to get to work and stayed there for overtime. I had a lot of great ideas going for this project, but in the end I felt like I failed. My game will not be posted do to a last minute game breaking bug. I made an edit that I couldn’t fix right away. However this demo has a lot of interesting ideas that I’d like to pursue in other games, maybe in Mimicry (the Day 3 game).

It doesn’t even have an official title (currently called Destroy All the Blue Blocks), art style, art in general, sound, or music…just a bunch of ideas. The ideas are cool though. It was supposed to be another puzzle-platformer like Mimicry, and it was coming along. I’d need a few more days at least to make something worth publishing online. I played around with gravity and a teleportation mechanic to help destroy enemies (or squares for now). After all enemies are destroyed, a portal opens taking you to the next level. I only had time to make 8 short demo levels that need a TON of work, but I’m still proud. It wasn’t easy and definitely too ambitious to pursue in a single day while having a full time job. I’ve learned my lesson though. I’ll aim for something smaller tomorrow, hopefully letting it be playable. I want to say sorry to the few that have been encouraging me and were looking forward to this new game. I promise that my efforts were used to their fullest. I learned a lot, felt the pressure, and looks like I’ll be submitting this right on the dot.

Total time spent developing: 8 hours

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