A Game a Day Blog

When I was 8 years old, a lot of nerdy events occurred that led me to pursuing game design as a career. One of the very first is thanks to my videogame magazine subscription. In late June 1998, a few magazines came in the mail covering E3, which at the time took place in May. I remember seeing all the new exciting announcements. My eyes were glued to the still images, imagining what the movement of the games felt like. Then I started reading and I came across the words “game designer.” Everything changed after that.

8 year old Edwin: “People….make….games?”

No longer did being an ice cream man, McDonald’s employee, doctor, and teacher seem like the only jobs people can have. I learned then that I could be a game designer, and E3 was the event that lit my flame. It became the Superbowl or Wrestlemania to me. I knew one day I would not only attend the event, but present a game there.

Fast forward 20 years where I’ll be attending my 9th E3, but still have yet to show a game. I worked hard last year hoping to help represent the indiecade booth, but ultimately was too unprepared and failed. One day.

In honor of E3 and 20 years since my game designer dream was born, I want to devote this month to doing something crazy. I’ve made about 30 games for practice in the last year, so naturally I want to top that. However, it may seem impossible because I want to make just as many THIS MONTH! That’s a game a day! I plan on designing and developing a new mini game everyday until July comes around. I may not have yet succeeded professionally as a designer, but I’m willing to earn that title.

Stay tuned every day, starting tomorrow to see what I’ve made. I’ll blog about it, post the game, and maybe even upload a video sometimes. It all depends on my availability. I work a full time job with long overtime hours occasionally, so I’m going to be making games with only a small chunk of time. Wish me luck and visit the site tomorrow night!

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